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Restaurant Batumarani

No matter if you live or visit Ajara, without tasting traditional Ajarian Cuisine, your stay would be incomplete.

There are some Adjarian traditional dishes that are traditionally only made in family homes. That is why we invited local women from across Ajara and worked to recover 90% of authentic cuisine to create a unique culinary journey. Restaurant staff worked with ethnographers and folklorists to find old recipes, traveled to the mountainous areas of Ajara, and searched for variations of recipes in old texts.

On our website, you will find short-stories explaining the dishes and drinks. The menu of "Batumarani" is composed of up to 60 different foods, split between well known Ajarian dishes as well as almost forgotten old tastes recovered by "Batumarani" cooks.

What can you expect to discover with us? Zirabaji with beef, hot dish Chirbuli with walnuts and different local spices, a "rich" dish Iakhni which is a mixture of meat, nuts and spices, popular soup best enjoyed in chilly weather - Gatsurebuli, Fried Chicken in Walnut Sauce. Of course, varieties of Borano - an exquisite staple of Ajarian Supra (feast), which has been granted Intangible Cultural Heritage Status, a treasure of Ajarian cuisine - Sinori, very authentic and true taste of Ajarian staple food - Ajarian Khachapuri, made with Ajarian special “Chlechili” cheese.

As for desserts - Kaisapa made with dried plum, Tklapi, Ajarian butter and walnuts, Baklava - undisputed leader of Ajarian sweets made from walnut, sweet syrup, or honey. Apart from the labeled alcoholic drinks, you will taste homemade wine and Chacha made with Persimmon, Acacia, Apple or Honey, as well as vodka. This is a small part piece of the "Batumarani" menu. Some of the dishes’ names are well-known in Georgia, and some will be a new discovery for you. "Batumarani" is a place where not only original tastes are enjoyed but also authentic Ajarian stories and experiences will stay with you.

The first floor of the restaurant is a mini model of an ethnographic museum. Our host will guide you to the ethnographic corner, where visitors will discover ancient household items from Mountainous Ajara displayed at "Batumarani"; Labor tools, wine and chacha production equipment and tableware used for setting an Ajarian Supra. There is a separate corner for typical dairy products made in Ajara as well as two centuries old vessel, used to store milk products.
All the products are purchased from the families we met through our travels to Ajarian Villages.

So, join us for Ajarian Supra (feast) and enjoy the authentic environment full of unforgettable tastes of fresh mint, bay leaf and basil.


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