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Flour, eggs, cheese, butter.  

Food History

Achma is a special sort of Khachapuri. It’s popular in whole Georgia; however it is a traditional dish of Ajarian cuisine.  The technology of its preparation differs from classic Kachchapuri. It is made from thin, boiled layers, which have cheese inside with melted butter.

Achma is a main dish on the Georgian traditional wedding feasts/tables. Host families always try to prepare Achma as best as possible, because often, the "quality" of Achma (form, tasteful qualities) speaks about the whole dinner table.

Achma is prepared mainly for holidays and special guests (New Year's feast, anniversaries, etc.), because its preparation takes a lot of time and is a lot of work.

In Ajara, offering Achma for gift is considered as a sign of respect. (Achma belongs to the category of easily transported dishes).