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Ajarian Baklava


Flour, eggs, butter, sugar, walnuts.

Dessert History

Baklava is the undisputed leader of Ajarian sweets. In the traditional Ajarian cuisine, it is the most important part of the confectionery culture. According to the tradition, Baklava came to Georgia from Turkey during the reign of the Ottoman Empire.

Baklava is a delicious dessert whose ingredients are made from walnut, sweet syrup, or honey.

Baklava is a famous dessert of Ajara. In Ajara it is presented on all festive tablets. Due to its tasty features, it is a favorite dessert not only of Adara, but also for whole Georgia and its guests.

According to traditions in Ajara, on the weddings Baklava is offered as a gift from bride to the bridegroom and his family. In this way they wish to live a sweet and happy life.