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Ajarian Khachapuri


Flour, baking powder, eggs, Ajarian “Chlechili” cheese, Ajarian butter Iagi.

Food History

The history of the origin of Ajarian Khachapuri is related to the following stories:

1. The Acharuli Khachapury boat form is most commonly associated with sailing and fishery. The housewives were making Khachapuri in the form of a boat for their sailor husbands in honor of love and respect. Housewives were adding a raw egg in the middle of Khachapuri, which was considered a symbol of good weather and peaceful navigation.
2. All families in high mountainous Ajara have Ajarian “Chlechili” cheese, butter “Iagi”, eggs and flour. To encourage the children to eat, the housewives used the trick of boat-shaped Khachapuri. The dessert of the different form for the kids was joyful and pleasure to have.
3. Ajarian Khachapuri was a special dish for special guests. It was served not as breakfast, lunch or dinner; however it was considered as a dessert.
*Tradition of Ajarian Khachapuri had been granted with a status of Intangible Cultural Heritage on January 22nd, 2019 by the National Agency of Cultural Heritage Preservation of Georgia