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Borano of Potato


Ajarian “chlechili” cheese, Ajarian butter Iagi, potato.

Food History

Borano of Potato is one of the species of traditional Ajarian dish – Borano.

The origin of Potato Borano is associated with the following:

  1. High mountainous Ajara, in particular, Khulo municipality is distinguished with high quality potato. Therefore, origin of potato Borano is due to the region's special vegetable.
  2. Potato Borano was created by the locals as less fatty version of traditional Borano. Potato neutralizes and balances the fat of Ajarian butter Iagi and “Chechili” cheese.
  3. High content of fats in Borano was favorable to high mountain populations, as the organism processes the fat on average for 4-6 hours.This was also favorable for people living in mountainous areas, especially in winter while working and farming. The organism preserves the stock of fat obtained from the Borano, which is the main source of energy and heat.
  4. Tamadas (toast master) are using the following trick in Ajara: They eat Borano a few hours before the fest (consuming alcohol), because the main ingredients of Borano are high in fats, which neutralizes the alcohol. Therefore, tamadas are able to consume a large amount of alcohol and still be sober.

*Tamada – toast maker. Toast master.