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Ajarian “chlechili” cheese, Ajarian butter – Iagi.

Food History

Borano is one of the special dishes of traditional Ajarian cuisine, which was created as a result of the production and development dairy products. Nowadays there are some major and varied species of boranos (with cream, potato and egg). However, traditional form of Borono - is the cheese in the melted butter Iagi.

The history of the creation of Borano is related to several stories. We will introduce you to four of them:

  1. Borano is a characteristic dish for high mountainous Ajara, where livestock has been developed. Therefore, dairy products were also abundant, traditionally, most of the dishes were obtained by synthesis of dairy products;
  2. In the mountains, as we know, the winters go on average for six months, and the people living there have been supplying foodstuffs. Butter (Iagi) and cheese are the products that can be stored for several months. Accordingly, in the winter Borano was a daily food for people living in mountains;
  3. According to the mountain lifestyle, families were working 5-10 kilometers away from main dwelling. Because of a long distance, only a few ingredients were taken away by them, to prepare food easily. During physical work, such as dishes were filling they bodies and giving energy. Therefore, traditional Borano is recommended while physical work.
  4. Tamadas (toast master) are using the following trick in Ajara: They eat Borano a few hours before the fest (consuming alcohol), because the main ingredients of Borano are high in fats, which neutralizes the alcohol. Therefore, tamadas are able to consume a large amount of alcohol and still be sober.

*Tamada – toast maker. Toast master.

* On March 13, 2019, the National Agency of Cultural Heritage Preservation of Georgia awarded “the tradition of Borano” with the status of "Intangible Cultural Heritage Monument".