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Chirbuli with Walnuts


Egg, tomato, onion, walnut, Ajarian butter Iagi, garlic, coriander, saffron.

Food History

In addition to dairy products, eggs are one of the main ingredients in Ajarian cuisine. Chirbuli is Ajarian hot dish, which is made with walnuts and different species.

The history of the origin of Chirbuli is related to following story:

Cuisine of high mountainous Ajara had been rich with dairy and fats. Hence, housewives tried to invent the foods with less dairy to make the foods less fatty, but yet easy and quick to cook. Eggs are the main ingredient of Chirbuli, as egg is a symbolic for Ajarian cuisine because it is associated with the sun, life and energy. Walnut is a source of vegetable proteins filled with vitamins and minerals that promote the prevention of various diseases. The more dish is full of this ingredient, healthier and more delicious it is.