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Eggplants with Walnut Sauce


Eggplants, walnuts, species.

Food History

Eggplants are having a huge history in Ajarian culinary.

According to Ivane Javakhishvili, these vegetables were already known in the XII-XIII centuries, but the exact date is unknown. According to him, the term eggplant is Persian origin and is supposedly spread out in Georgia.

Traditional Eggplants with Walnut Sauce is considered as the real king of Georgian cold dishes. She is a truly distinguished dish, which brings delight in Georgian or foreign gourmands. In every corner of the country this dish will definitely be brought with  pomegranate seeds, which adds pleasant sour-sweet taste.

Without walnut eggplant it is impossible to find any Georgian family and festive table. It is especially tasty with traditional Georgian corn bread – Mchadi.