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Beef, onions, garlic, fresh herbs, Georgian walnut, species.

Food History

The traditional Ajarian cuisine is unimaginable without Iakhni. It is originated in Kintrishi river in Kobuleti, because of its luxurious ingredient, it is called "rich/wealthy dish." It is made for a festive table and it is a special responsibility for the cook. Before preparing for the holidays, the cooks were hired to prepare Iakhni. The one who cooks this dish well is considered as a master of culinary.

At first glance, it resembles the Megrelian Chanakhi and their tasteful qualities look alike.

Kobuletian Iakhni is a mixture of meat, nuts and spices. During the preparation the cooks do not always preserve the prescribed doses; there is no rule in which the precise protection of the composition material is determined. It depends entirely on Cook's imagination, experience and decision. This is a dish that is made from common ingredients, but requires great culinary experience. It depends on the final result, which depicts color, thickness and taste. There are as many recipes of Iakhni, as the cooks.

Iakhni gets cold very quickly, so the dish is served hot and it requires preheating before eating.

It is believed that this dish is tastier (hot) on the second day of preparation, because the spices show a different taste and aroma, just after the time has passed.