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Malakhto (Beans in the “isrimi” juice/sauce)


Beans, walnuts, onion, coriander,“isrimi” juice.

Food History

Isrimi: Juice of unripe grapes, also spelled “verjus”. The name comes from the French words for green (vert) and juice (jus), and that's pretty much what it is: the unfermented juice of green, unripe grapes that can add gentle acidity to savory and sweet dishes.  Synonyms of Isrimi in Georgia's ethnographic reality are: “Bzhoki”, “Mkvakhe”, “zholoka”, “shemousvleli” etc.

Preparing beans with isrimi juice was essential for traditional Ajarian cuisine, which is called as Malakhto bean.

Isrimi juice gives a specific taste to beans. The dish is a little juicy and it eaten with hot traditional corn bread “mchadi”.