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Beans, pkhali, walnuts, onion, garlic, parsley.

Food History

Western Georgia is known with its plant-based dishes, which are rich in walnuts, species and herbs.

Walnuts are considered as one of the most useful products and are recommended to be included in daily ration. Walnut is a source of vegetable proteins filled with vitamins and minerals that promote the prevention of various diseases. The more dish is full of this ingredient, healthier and more delicious it is.

PkhalLobio is a special dish of Keda, high mountainous Ajara. It is believed that the guest in Keda should not leave the place without tasting this dish.

Hence, the locals introduce diversity of Ajarian cuisine to the gourmands and guests with Pkhal-lobio. The dish is mostly eaten with traditionally prepared Ajarian corn bread “mchadi”.