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Oak and Nuts flavoured Babauri Chacha by Ajarian Wine House

Chacha strong alcoholic drink, manufactured by traditional method of Georgian grape’s distillation, barrel selected with walnut core. Chacha is characterized via crystal clarity, it has a delicate flavor the source of grapes, and tasting it, felt a pleasant warmth.

About "Ajarian Wine House "

Ajarian Wine House “Porto-Franco” is located in Ajara, Keda region.

Ajarian Wine House “Porto-Franco” produces wines with the traditional unique technologies. The most distinguished wines are Chkhaveri Rose dry, semi-sweet of “Porto-Franco”, and different varieties of Kvevri wines.

Chkhaveri is an old Georgian original vine that is harvested only in Western Georgia. This wine is distinguished with a tenderness and harmony, alcohol and acidity balance. This culture was under the hazard of demolition but has been preserved for centuries by the population of Keda. Adjarian wine house takes credit for renewing Chkhaveri's wine factory and grounding its revival. Numbers 41.3 and 41.3 set on the bottle labels of "Chkhaveri" Wine and Chacha indicate the size of the longitude and latitude of Batumi, which are equal.

Along with Chkhaveri, Adjarian Wine House offers the best Qvevri wine produced with traditional technology. You can taste white, rose and red wines produced with high standards in two factories. Ajarian Wine House produces six sorts of dry; Four - semi - sweet; Five - Qvevri, a variety of taste Chacha and Cognac. Also, a champagne aged in the bottle.