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Full Tea Pot

Tea (Black, Green,Fruit)


Tea is a Chinese culture and historically reported in Georgia in 1770 when the Russian queen Ekaterina II gave to Georgian King Irakli II tea set and Samovar.

The other version of tea importing is connected to the Mikha Eristavi. He first tried tea in China and decided to plant it in his homeland - Georgia. Because it was forbidden to bring tea or sowing seeds from China for that period, he put the tea seeds in his crutch and spread it to Georgia from China.

Ajara is considered to be "Georgian Homeland of Tea" in the Black Sea region; in particular, tea culture was developed in Ajara, in the 90s of the 19th century. Our tea has a gentle mixed taste of Chinese and Indian teas. The tasteful features and quality of the tea is determined by the Georgian soil and location. This drink became so popular that the tea houses were opened in Batumi and Chakvi.

The drinking ceremony and strict adherence of the tea preparation has a great importance; as it determines its healing and nutritional features and benefits.

Tea is not only a delicious drink; it’s also the best way to heal the flue, and tone the central nervous system.