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Iveri Vineyeards

Tsolikouri – Georgian variety of the white grape. Tsolikouri is considered as a table wine of traditional Georgian feasts. 
Tsolikouri is a standard variety of local vine. 
It is widespread in the viticulture regions of western Georgia and gives high quality white and naturally semi-sweet dessert wines. 
The Tsolokouri grape variety in Ajara is mainly in Keda and Shuakhevi regions.

About Family Vineyards

Iveri Beridze family vineyards are located in the most picturesque region of Georgia, Ajara, village of Varjanisi, Keda Municipality. The area is at just 50 km. distance from Batumi and is close to the Ajaristskali gorge, idyllic to offer the unique environment.  This place is at 500 m. altitude. Iveri Beridze’s family winemaking is based on the century-old experience and traditions. The plot has kept old Kvevris (special Georgian large clay pots for keeping wine plunged in the earth). These remarkable discoveries speak for themselves about the centuries old traditions of grape growing and wine producing culture.  Iveri Vineyards is focused on the high quality wine production, from the varieties of the grapes. Those are organic, ecological and unique species; This winery is small, and Iveri Vineyards bottle the highest quality of wine.